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There is the possibility of a two-day course at the ranch. The courses are managed by Christoph Friedli. Both beginners and advances and all horses and riding styles are welcome. Horse and rider are picked up at their level and promoted.

Course Objectives:

  • Help and maneuver
  • Work on bisons both individually and in the group
  • Work on the machine
  • Ranch sorting, cutting and a parc with horses and cattle

The price includes:

  • Box - fed with straw. Incl. Hay (power feed is the owner's responsibility)
  • Box is mailed by the student
  • Overnight in the mass camp of the saloon
  • Cook and barbecue in saloon
  • Food and beverages must be brought along
  • 5 refrigerators are available
  • Cozy stay before the fireplace in the saloon



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