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Horse Communication & Horseback Riding

For us, a horse is not a machine that can only be used for riding. We focus on holistic horse communication. We will teach you to understand the horse and its nature. This includes giving them their confidence, nurturing it, giving proper signs, embracing the horse and overcoming their fears. Among the horses there is always a herd leader. It has to be made clear to them that man is the more dominant side, communication can take place at a partnership level.

The horses are patient, sensitive beings. They react instinctively and their behavior often reflects that of man. We have the experience that a horse can give man a lot of energy and joy. It can strengthen the self-confidence, self-confidence, the ability to relate and the empathy. You deal with your own emotions and it often helps to find your own balance in life. In communicating with the horse, the external characteristics of the individual are not decisive, but how a man behaves towards the horse. The animal feels the human being and his well-being very precisely and it is impossible to play him something. If you are interested in getting to know the horse, or if you want to take the whole team with you, please contact us. Or you are already a horse owner and are willing to improve your communication with your horse or your riding skills, then we will help you




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